About the Cafe

Café Kolache is a warm and inviting “gathering place” within the historic town of Beaver. For breakfast, lunch, dessert or an anytime snack, the café features homemade kolaches (ko-la-cheez)…fresh-baked, slightly sweetened yeast dough filled with meats, eggs, cheeses, fruits, or veggies. Unique and delicious, kolaches are favorites for locals and visitors alike! The café also offers other homemade baked goods, soups & salads, a full-service espresso bar, and locally-roasted coffees and loose leaf teas, available for purchase by the pound. Meeting Room and Catering Available. M-F 6am-2pm, Sat. 7am-2pm, Sun.-Closed.

What is a Kolache

A classic kolache is a slightly sweetened yeast dough, Czechoslovakian in origin, that’s filled with apricot, poppyseed, sweetened cottage cheese or lekvar (prune butter). Czech immigrants came through the Gulf of Mexico in the mid-1800’s, along with their scrumptious kolache recipes, and settled in parts of Texas, where they are now as popular as bagels and doughnuts. This versatile, slightly-sweetened bread dough is also delicious when filled with a variety of fruits, meats, cheeses and/or vegetables.

At Café Kolache in Beaver, you’ll find our breakfast kolaches filled with anything you’d put on a breakfast plate (bacon, sausage, ham, eggs, cheese, potatoes, and more), our traditional and dessert kolaches filled with various fruits and creams, and our lunch kolaches (which look like mini empanadas/calzones) filled with all kinds of meats, cheeses and veggies. Kolache dinner rolls compliment our homemade soups and salads….so one way or another, we get you eating a “kolache”!

About the Owner

Cafe Kolache Owner, Kristi

Cafe Kolache Owner, Kristi

Owner, Kristi DeMaiolo Harper, developed an appreciation for kolaches when she started her corporate banking career in Texas in the early 1990’s. On her first day at the bank, someone brought in a dozen traditional kolaches, and it was love at first bite! Over her years in Texas, kolaches became a “must have” any time friends or family would visit. She always joked that if she ever moved back to PA, that she’d have to learn how to make kolaches rather than live without them!

It was the fateful events of 2001, both the September 11 attacks and the collapse of her then-employer Enron, that made her rethink her desire to be near family and to create a culture that she and a team could enjoy working in every day, while also providing a gathering place in the community. Hence, Kolaches…from Czechoslovakia to Texas to Beaver to YOU!

The Café Kolache Team

Cafe Kolache Manager, Abbey

Cafe Kolache Manager, Abbey

Behind the scenes, our bakers are a wonderfully talented and dedicated team; whether culinarily trained or life-experienced, they bring the knowledge, creativity and heart into all the deliciousness they bake daily…starting in the wee hours of the morning and filling our counter by 6am on weekdays/7am on Saturdays!

Out front of the café, you’ll find our personable manager/baristas/customer servers aiming to be a smile in each guest’s day. Whether it’s tailoring the perfect beverage or serving up a plate of kolaches for here or a box to go, they genuinely enjoy getting to know our guests and providing a positive Café Kolache experience!